Real Customers

"this is the best product that I have seen on the market"  marina manager 

"I've got to tell you, that is some great stuff you are selling. We are thoroughly impressed with its durability and appearance."

"The trailer window screen works great."  

"The arena went down in the ice storm and your screens are still attached."   

"The quality of the product and the great customer service we received was exceptional. 

It is a true pleasure doing business with a company that cares about its customers."

"Our screens are doing great with the snow this winter. Also, we're real happy with the way they cut the wind. Thanks a bunch."

"I am really enjoying the peace of mind your horse shelter has given me and appreciate the quality of its construction. It really does stop the wind." 

"The wind is BLOWNING' out here (but NOT in the arena). We love it."

"The screens look and work great. Thank you for a quality product."  

"Everyone LOVES my screens and logo."

" I just wanted to let you know your screens survived 125 sustained and 150 gust winds during Hurricane Rita."   

"... your superb job ... helped turn that park from Class 'B" site to a Class "A" site. The City's Advisory Board ... said they were great!"

"My horse fell into the swimming pool cover and because of the great job that you did he did not go under water. He was able to get out on his own."  

"We are very pleased. The look, the function, especially with 9 days over 100 already in May." 

"Thanks for doing a fabulous job on the sign screen. It really looks great. Again, thanks for another job well done."   

"I do appreciate your diligence in following through on this (viewing stand screens) especially since we caused you extra work by not telling you of a design change. You represent your company very well and I will give you and your products the highest recommendation when anyone asks me."

"I was told to call you from "Tom." He highly recommends your company. He said even though you are four hours away, that you still came out and made any necessary adjustments. He is very sold on you, your company and product."   

"I am so happy with these new windscreens! I have never had the kennels look so neat. All the sloppy excess is not there because of the exact way you measured them. Thanks again for a great product and even better, thanks for the personal service. It is much appreciated."   

" I LOVE my screens-makes the barn so much cooler. Everyone that has seen them is impressed." 

"When I shoot my digital thermometer into the dog kennel, it is 20 degrees cooler. We really LOVE your product."   

"Kace weatherscreens are superior to similar products on the market today. I would call their fabric "the best yet"  and "The crew was outstanding to work with. I give them an overall rating of "top notch" and offer that "KACE is our select vendor of choice."    President of a will know fence company.

"We are very happy at ____ _____ Farms in Fairview with Our screen on the riding arena... Best!"

"Thanks so very much for the windscreens. We are most appreciative of them today!!!! They look awesome and are really doing a great job of keeping the wind down in the arena."  

"About 5 years ago we sold our ranch, but for several years we had the windscreens on the arena, we never had a problem, and would consider them again on such a project."

"Our windscreens are about 10 years old and still holding up very well. We are very pleased with them."  

"we are very happy with your windscreens. Your panels not only let some light through, but they let some air through also provide excellent ventilation. Rain and snow stay outside."